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After we had launced in Bahasa Indonesia.
Now let us present this New website in English Version. Hope you enjoy and can help to find what you need about Baby Equipment Rental Servise in Bali. Such as, stroller or pram, Baby Cot, capsules or car seat, high chair, etc. Please dont be hesitate to ask or booking by sms/ call/ email us.
About Us

We are a parent. We have a baby girl and live in Bali. Sometimes there is our freind got holiday in Bali, they are very troublesome to bring their baby equipment. So i have an idea to borrow them our baby equipment. Since then i want to share and help everyone to enjoy their holiday in Bali with the lovely baby with no worry about the baby equipmnet. ^_^
- We live in Bali
So we can make sure the quality product and service is Good anytime
- Good Quality and safe
Because we want to give all my best for my baby too.
- We deliver & pick up in your hotel or villa
yes of course! we deliver & pick up the equipment in your hotel/ villa/ your place
- Cheaper Rent Price
You can compare our rental price with other. We give you best price

How to Rent or Booking;
1. Please SMS / Call / email : +62 857-3853-6121 ,

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Untuk menyewa produk kami, silakan menghubungi admin via WhatsApp atau SMS dengan klik tombol disamping, sertakan Nama produk yang akan disewa.

Rent the product immediately by contacting the admin via WhatsApp or SMS on the button beside, please include the Item Name when ordering items.

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